By the Lion Arts could not exist without help from some very talented friends.

Please check them out. 


Jimmy Mac Productions

Jimmy Mac is my producer, arranger, engineer... basically, when we make music, I stand behind a microphone for a while, and Jimmy does everything else. Everything. Else. Including, by the way, playing all the instruments. He's a genius, and he puts up with my neurotic craziness with good grace.


AlarmCat Creations

AlarmCat does all of our graphic design. Every logo, every album design, every postcard... basically, when I need something designed, all I have to do is say, "Hey, I was thinking there should be some kind of an album cover, and the title is like, maybe, His Eye is on the Sparrow. Whatcha think?" And AlarmCat says, "Well, I have one idea. Lemme play with it." And next thing I know there's a brilliant design in my inbox.  

AlarmCat also offers innovative and cost-effective home interior design services and some exceptionally cool furniture upgrading.